Monday, 4 October 2010


No one can encourage me to continue blogging..
without motivation``
I'm dead.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Malaysia "Boleh"


At first,I din work because of Red-Eye,
I lost RM80 as my per day salary and RM100 for penalty of work cancellation.

I din wear contact lens,
went out shopping to Sunway Pyramid with a pair of glasses.
My face with glasses looks so NOOB!!

Ya,I had a good time shopping with mummy.
Maybe I will update it tomorrow.
Im moodless now.

Actually the aim of going Sunway Pyramid today is want to pay the toll bill.
After came out from Sunway,
found that the way back to home,
is not the toll I want!

back to the way,Puchong.
We reached a 3 fork points.
There are without any street nameplate to guide us which direction is going which way.
Because of Malaysia "Boleh".
We went to a wrong way.

We reached the first toll,Litrak.
Not the toll I want.
And we faced a challenge.
A big highway with many directions,
All the directions with tolls too.
But the street nameplate doesn't mention what company of the tolls are.
We're finding Kesas.
My mum called someone.
And we chose one of the directions.
My mum scolded me that I had brought trouble to her.
The pressure inside my heart is torturing me.
Is the last day for pay the toll bill.
My mum only try this time,
if the next toll is not what I want,
Sorry,GO HOME!
Tomorrow Im gonna to take taxi myself.
This is impossible,because Im working tomorrow.

At last,,the next toll is Kesas.
But the person told us,
we need to pay at the office.
To go to the office,we need to U-Turn back again!
That means pay double tolls=.=
Suddenly the person asked us to go for the next toll,
that will be the way we back to home.
RM2.20 for this toll.
And we go forward for the next toll again.

Rain came,
A BIG BIG rain.

We reached the "next" toll,
the person told us the same thing,"Need to pay at the office"
My mum started to get angry.
But luckily this time the office no need to U-turn,
is only in front of the toll.
RM2.20 again~~

Finally reached the office,
the BIG rain caused me so inconvenient to get down from car.
Never mind,need to get through too.
I got up to the office,
those workers saw I was holding the paper toll bill,
All laughed at me=.=
What the hack?! 

I got back to car with the receipt.

I cried with a smiling face.
My worry fade away.
Went through all the troubles and unprosperous things,
just to get a RM4.40 receipt T_T